Homestay Mental Health Tips:  Helping Students Who May Be Anxious about Exam Results


Homestay Mental Health Tips:  Helping Students Who May Be Anxious about Exam Results

Many Study Links students are in the middle of their exams but when exam season ends it doesn’t mean the stress and worry related to exams will simply disappear.  We are grateful to all our Homestays who have supported their students during exams.  Continuing to offer support and understanding to students post-exams however is invaluable; especially to those that are nervously waiting for results.  Here are a few suggestions to help students who may be dealing with post exam anxiety,

  1.  Congratulate students for successfully finishing their exams:  In our ‘results’ focussed world we often fail to recognise that the effort and commitment to a task is just as valuable – if not more so – than the outcome.  Students will appreciate acknowledgement of their hard work and commitment; regardless of the grades they obtain.
  2. Help students formulate a back up plan:  Exams don’t always go the way students and their parents want.  ‘All or nothing’ planning based on grades can put undue pressure on students.  Asking students if they would like to discuss a ‘plan b’ in case their results aren’t what they expect, will greatly reduce stress as they wait for results.
  3. Encourage students to take time to de-stress and enjoy themselves:  It is often hard for students who are very academically focussed to take time to truly unwind.  Suggesting a summer trip, a weekend away or merely a celebration with friends may make students feel like they finally have ‘permission’ to enjoy themselves after their exams.

Please remember that you can get in touch with the Study Links team at any point to help with the above.  We continue to act as your faithful partners to assure the best care for your students.