Harrogate Ladies College Guardians Day


This week Dianne attended the ‘Guardians Day’ at Harrogate Ladies College.

The day consisted of sharing best practice, meeting some of our students, a tour of the building and a meal in the dinner hall.

Dianne met Hayley and Jasmine two of our students one in sixth form and one just started in September.

Hayley has her own bed in her dormitory and loves sharing a room she enjoys the food, taking part in school activities and has made lots of friends.

During the tour of the school, Study Links were shown the cloak students wear to the school chapel.

At Christmas time, they have a special service where students all dress up, have a meal together and with the cloaks on attend the chapel which is decorated for a special service – this is a school tradition they have done for 100s of years.

Dianne enjoyed the meal in the dining hall area – Gammon, roast potatoes, Yorkshire puddings, carrots and gravy and they had a real assortment of food they also met other students to talk about their experience.

The tour included seeing the Wellbeing Centre where students can go to talk, have a cup of tea and if anyone is sick the school have the facilities to look after them.

Dianne said ”After seeing the houses inside and out said it was lovely to think where they lay their head at night in a place you can see students are really cared for”.


Thank you to all students and staff at Harrogate Ladies College for a welcoming and informative day.

Study Links have been acting as guardians to students at independent schools in Harrogate for 30 years!

We are proud to still be working in partnership with these institutions and look forward to many more years.