Nurturing the Legacy: A Reflection on Our Family Business, Study Links


Today, as I reflect on our family business, Study Links, and its incredible journey, I am overwhelmed with gratitude for the remarkable team that makes it all possible. In this blog post, I’ll share my personal perspective on leading our family’s business, as we celebrate its 25th anniversary, and discuss the unique challenges and rewards of being a second-generation MD. Moreover, I want to express my deep appreciation for the dedicated individuals who contribute to Study Links’ success day in and day out.

Our Enduring Legacy:

As I approach my 34th birthday, I realise that my entire life has been intertwined with Study Links. The last 25 years have been a testament to the unwavering dedication it takes to run a family business. I’ve witnessed the sacrifices, the tough decisions, the moments of triumph, and the occasional setbacks. Running a family business, particularly one focused on the safety and well-being of international students from over 80 nationalities, comes with unique complexities, responsibilities, and the challenges of navigating multiple time zones.

Maintaining the Legacy:

Taking on the role of Managing Director initially felt daunting. My parents had built Study Links from the ground up and were highly respected in the industry. How could I ever hope to fill their shoes? However, with time, I’ve come to understand that my role isn’t about mirroring their journey but rather ensuring that Study Links continues to thrive, adapt, and make a positive impact in an ever-changing landscape of education, safeguarding, and international politics.

Our Guiding Principles:

In the face of challenges, big or small, our path becomes clear when we prioritise people. Our commitment to students, their families, our homestay partners, school staff, agent partners, our dedicated team, and our own families underpins our every action. We remain steadfast in our mission: to support international students in their pursuit of education in the UK while bridging the gap between cultures, languages, and education systems. Our values—trustworthiness, compassion, accomplishment, attentiveness, and optimism—are the compass that guides us through every decision and endeavour.

Honouring Our Team:

I began this post by acknowledging the incredible Study Links team, and I would like to conclude it by reiterating my heartfelt appreciation for their tireless efforts. Our business wouldn’t have the transformative impact it does without their dedication. Each day, they make a profound difference in the lives of our students and their futures. The ripple effects of their work extend far beyond the immediate, shaping the journeys of countless young individuals. To my colleagues, you are not just part of Study Links’ family business; you are integral to the journeys of our students.

You are truly FAN-tastic people!