Study Links’ Indonesian Immersion Group


We welcomed our group of Indonesian students from our immersion programme who spent one week in London and one week with Rishworth School.

Here are some fabulous pictures of 4 of the Indonesian students at their homestay, they went to the homestay’s Scottish Dancing Club on Thursday night Brighouse Scottish Country Dance Club
They picked it up incredibly fast! Many of the club members commented on how polite, enthusiastic, and quick to learn they all were.
The club members for made them feel so welcome and patiently taught them the terminology and moves.
The girls said “we really liked it! It uses so much energy. I thought it would be really slow, but it was actually really jumpy.” Another student said “I would like to teach a Scottish country dance in Jakarta!”
“Thank you so much for bringing us to try this!”
The girls kindly performed a traditional Indonesian dance during the break, as a thank you. This was very well received.
On the last picture the girls are trying their first Elderflower cordial drink.
One described it as “Nice, in a weird, sweet way”
They all had great experiences in homestays – from dancing in the kitchen, enjoying bonfire night and enjoying learning about each other’s culture and interests. We would like to thank all our homestays for making the students experience a truly great time.  The feedback from homestays were how polite the students were, and they have taken away lovely memories.
Rishworth school said ”they were delighted to host them at school – they had thrown themselves into Rishworth school life and British culture, participating in pumpkin carving for Halloween, catching rugby balls in PE and cooking English dishes in the food room”
They have now arrived home safely in Indonesia, Rishworth School have said ”we miss them all already and have started reminiscing about their time here last week”
We are so pleased to hear the experiences and memories that will last a lifetime for all.
We would like to thank our homestays, the staff and students at school who supported them, the transport team and everyone involved with the immersion group.