What to do if an international student tests Covid+ before their flight home


Covid-19 is an added stress for parents whose children are studying abroad.

Knowing that their child is under the experienced care of Study Links has brought families the peace of mind they need.


– This is a real life case study –

Joi at Sedbergh School is planning to return home to Japan for the summer holiday.

There are strict government and airline Covid regulations for students flying home, which means Joi needs a negative Covid result to be allowed to fly.

Study Links have already arranged the correct Covid-19 test for Joi, taking into account the different test requirements for his particular country and airline.


What happens if Joi receives a positive Covid result?

  • Joi would need to be immediately isolated
  • He would not be allowed to board his flight home
  • School would be closed for the summer holidays so he cannot return there.


How will Study Links help?

As Joi’s guardian, Study Links will ensure Joi is well taken care of during his isolation period.

We would:

  • arrange full board isolation accommodation
  • help reorganise his flight
  • reorganise his airport transfer
  • arrange another covid test before his new flight

Most importantly:

  • we’re available 24/7  during his isolation period to ensure Joi’s conditions does not deteriorate, and
  • we keep parents regularly updated so that they don’t need to worry.


How do parents feel about the support from Study Links?

When we reassured Joi’s mother that Joi would be taken care of by our team if the result is Covid+, she replied:


Tired of the Covid-19 situation.  We couldn’t have survive this year without you.