Education Services

Award-winning advice and services to access the best of British education

Careers Advice

Our bespoke service helps truly ambitious and determined students identify and fully prepare for their chosen career path.

We provide specialist support for:

  • Oxbridge Preparation Courses
  • Medicine and Law preparation services
  • Specific Careers Advice (e.g. robotics ; IoT ; renewables)

Our students benefit from the crème de la crème of mentors, many from within our own Study Links network: from Oxbridge professors to Silicon Valley mentors to globally recognised medical experts.

Course Applications

For over 30 years, we have helped international students make successful applications to world leading British educational institutions in the UK:

  • Universities and Colleges
  • Independent Boarding Schools
  • Independent Day Schools
  • State Schools
  • Language schools

We guide and advise students and parents so that you are well prepared to make informed decisions about institution and subject choices.

We have established very strong relationships with many colleges, universities and boarding schools in the UK. We understand what makes each of them unique, just as we understand that every student is unique.

Private Tuition

Online Tuition

Study Links can provide regular or intensive one-off private tuition to boost student confidence and motivation.

Our teachers are all qualified British teachers with experience of teaching international students.

  • All subjects and year groups catered for
  • Final end of course report is provided
  • Post lesson feedback is provided
  • Homework can be set according to need
  • There is no minimum number of hours, however most students book multiple sessions.
  • IT Software used is either Zoom, Skype, Google Meet or MS Teams.


In-person Tuition

For students who prefer in-person tuition, this can be arranged.  Most in-person tuition is 1:1 tuition, however group tuition is also possible.
We have mutliple location options:

  • In homestay
  • Local tuition centre
  • At school

Cultural & Etiquette training

International students can often benefit from focussed learning on British culture and etiquette, to increase their confidence in all aspects of social interaction.

Our cultural and etiquette training focuses on both traditional etiquette and essential social skills.




Holiday Camps

Our programmes help students develop an international outlook, improve their English language skills, increase their cultural awareness and make long-lasting friendships.


UK-based Camps

Study Links provides two different holiday camps:

  • Holiday Camps with native English-speakers
    Children who have an intermediate level of English or higher may have confidence to be fully immersed with other British children.  This is a truly authentic British holiday camp, focussed mostly on fun activities.  English improves naturally through every day use.  All our students return annually, they love it so much!


  • International Holiday Camps in the UK
    Students who want more intensive English tuition will benefit from International Holiday Camps.  There are specialist camps designed for international students to reach specific goals (e.g. focus on specific subjects / interests / preparation courses).  Study Links can advise on the most suitable camp for your child’s specific needs and future goals.


International Holidays

Study Links arranges holiday programmes internationally.
These are very popular with students studying long-term in the UK who want to explore the rest of the world during their school holidays.

  • Skiing holidays
  • Cruises
  • Safari
  • Charity expeditions

Our students gain independence, explore new interests, and make new friends on these world-wide adventures.


Familiarisation Trips

Agent Familiarisation Trips

Our trips enable agents to understand UK schools’ offerings, to build relationships with key school staff, and showcase the local regions so agents can confidently advise families on their partner schools and their suitability.


Family Familiarisation Trips

So families can have full confidence in their school choice, we arrange bespoke tours for families to visit multiple schools and locations.


The trip was very useful for us to gain a good understanding of the Boarding Schools and the differences between them.
Spanish Agent

Study Tours ; Exchange programmes ; School twinning programmes

Study Tours

These programmes are a great way for your child to experience world-class authentic British education before committing to long-term study.

Study Links arranges term-time immersion into daily school life.

This is suitable for individuals, and student groups.

Visits can be from one week to one term and are increasingly popular with international students.


Exchange Programmes

We arrange individual and group exchange programmes.

You can leave all the planning to Study Links.   We tailor your full trip: everything between arrival to departure: including accommodation, transport, tuition, UK-wide sightseeing, and 24/7 superior support.


School Twinning Programmes

Study Links facilitate effective global school twinning programmes.

Our school partners build long-term partnerships to encourage a global outlook for future generations & professional developement for teachers.


International teacher recruitment

If you require the services of a professional education recruitment company, please email


We can assist with:

  • staffing requirements for K-12 schools, colleges, universities, private language centres and training institutes across the globe.
  • recruiting teachers across all subjects, and able to assist with academic management roles and support positions.


The team is highly experienced within the education sector and can offer a huge global database of qualified candidates from around the world.

I am writing to thank you for helping to organise the tuition for Quincy. My wife and I are indeed happy with the arrangements. Quincy found the tuitions helpful and is making progress at school.
Mr Kwok - Parent